Júlio Maggiolly Novais

(Full Professor)


Status at the IBB – Institute for Biotechnology and Bioengineering:

·         Member of Board of Directors and of Scientific Coordination Committee

Status at Centre for Biological and Chemical Engineering:

·         Head of the Centre for Biological and Chemical Engineering

·         Head of the Environmental and Ecoprocess Engineering Research Group


·        Agregação, IST,1983 

·        Ph.D. in Biological Engineering, Birmingham University, U.K., 1971

·         M.Sc. in Biological Engineering, Birmingham University, U.K., 1968

·         Graduation in Industrial Chemical Engineering, IST, 1966

Positions and activities:

·         Full professor at Instituto Superior Técnico

Area of scientific activity:

·         Environmental Biotechnology

Domain of specialization:

·         Enzyme Technology, Environmental Biotechnology, Constructed Wetlands


·         Phytoremediation technologies

·         Biological aerobic degradation of phenolic compounds as well as the removal of metal ions from effluents.

·         Microalgae systems, from the point of view of design of photobioreactors and the potential application to the production of chemicals of commercial interest.

Scientific Societies Membership:

·         Water Environment Federation

·         International Water Association

Recent publications:

A. Conde, J. Novais, J. Dominguez (2009) “Southern limit of distribution of the soft-shell clam Mya arenaria on the Atlantic East Coast” Biological Invasions (doi:10.1007/s10530-009-9460-1)

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F. G. Freire, L. C. Davies, A. M. Vacas, J. M. Novais and S. Martins-Dias (2009) "Influence of operating conditions on the degradation kinetics of an azo-dye in a vertical flow constructed wetland using a simple mechanistic model", Ecological Engineering, 35(10), 1379-1386.

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